Personalni digitalni inkubator SI-22

Personalni digitalni inkubator SI-22

due to its compact architecture the SI-22 provides an economical,efficient and space saving personal solution for incubating culture flasks,
dishes, tubes and test plates.A personal incubator avoids contamination and reagent confusion caused by multiple people using one machine. The integrated UV light provides disinfection after use. The UV disinfection mode is blocked during incubation. The SI-22 has a double-deck metal plate reinforced door with door open alarm and automatic turn off UV lamp function. The watch window adopts anti-UV-explosion-proof glass, which allows people to inspect running condition of the machine. The inner chamber is made out of stainless steel and easy to clean. A small cord port at the back of the unit allows the use of small mixers.

Zapremina22,5 l
Radna temperatura+5°C... + 80°C
Temp.uniformnost± 0,65 (37°C)
Temp.fluktuacija± 0,65 (37°C)
Podešavanje temperature0,1°C
Broj polica2

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