Fotometar enološkogi analizator „M-3000“, Selecta

Fotometar enološkogi analizator „M-3000“, Selecta

With the oenological application photometer, the following determinations can be performed:
1. Wine colouring intensity (absorbances addition at: 420, 520 and 620 nm.)
2. Folin index (polyphenols).
3. Grapes phenolic colour and maturity by means of Cromoenos®method.
4. Enzymatic analysis for grape juice, grape juice-wine and wine. Acids: acetic, malic, gluconic and lactic, glucose, fructose and glycerine.
Wavelength range: from 340 to 750 nm, with interference filters with a 10 nm band pass.
Manual filter selection (12 positions filter disc).
Supplied with filters: 340, 420, 520, 620 and 750nm.
Other optional filters posible. ABS, T% and concentration reading.
ABS reading range: from -0.3 to 3.5 OD.
T% reading range from 0 to 100%T.
Concentration range: from 0.001 to 9.999
Photometric accuracy: 1%.
Precision: ±1 %.
Photometric stability: better than 0.004 A/h.
Light source: halogen lamp 6V/12W.
Cell holder for 10 mm. path length cuvettes.
Internal calibration by software
Filter change knob.
Numeric keypad and for functions.
Alphanumeric display with interactive messages.
RS-232 interface for connection to printer or computer.

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