Analizator teksture TMS-Touch

Analizator teksture TMS-Touch

TMS-Touch je pristupačan i samostalan analizator teksture namenjen za brza i laka testiranja teksture hrane.
Texture measurements normally reserved for the laboratory can now be brought to the factory floor to instantly determine consistent standards within raw and finished product, saving time, resource and money.
Controlled by an easy-to-use LCD touch screen, the TMS-Touch requires minimal operator training and doesn’t require a PC for testing. Tests are performed at the push of a button and regularly used tests can be saved as ‘Favorites’ for instant test recall and setup, plus there’s password protection to safeguard data and test setups.
Key Features
Password protected log-in – identifies operator for full traceability
Fast access to 5 favorite tests – customized icons ensure instant test selection
Unlimited library storage of test methods – minimizes set-up time
Easy-to-use with minimal training – “Simplicity itself” one button launchs the test
Large, easy-to-read touch screen display – clearly shows Test Results and Graph
Easy programming – intuitive menus guide you through creation of test routine
Choice of 3 program modes:
“Quick Test” for basic force testing
“Program Test” for standard test routines
“Advanced Test” for sophisticated test routines
Access – master and operator modes for test security
Customized reports – create and print tailored reports
Flexible – “plug & play” for easyinterchange of load cells
Full range of test cells, probes and fixtures
Supplied with: 1 Load cell (specify at time of order); Operator Manual and T-Slot mounting base and one fixture table (either 432-043 or 432-243)
System Specification
Force Range: 2500N (562lbf, 255kgf)
Crosshead Travel: 330mm (13in)
Speed Range: 1 – 1000mm/min
Test Modes: Compression, Tension, Cycle, Hold
Data Acquisition Rate: Selectable from 1000, 500, 100, 50,10
Load Cells: Intelligent load cells, changeable by the user in seconds
Capacities Available: 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500N (0.45 – 562lbf, 0.2 – 255kgf)
Weight: 27kg (60lbs)
Power Supply: 250V AC 50Hz or 100V AC 60Hz
Loadholding: Yes
PLC/Digital Control Interface: Yes, via programmable digital ports (6 Inputs, 6 Outputs).

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