Jedinica za hladnu ekstrakciju “EF-1425”, Selecta

Jedinica za hladnu ekstrakciju “EF-1425”, Selecta

Specifically designed unit for cold extraction of up to 6 samples simultaneously, using acetone or other sol-
vents. Complements the Dosi-Fiber for the analysis of crude fibre.
Components: 1 litre receptacle for solvent recovery, suction tube and 6 adapters to hold the filtration crucibles Part No. 4000601.
A pump or jet pump will be required to connect to the suction tube.
Comes complete with: blank stoppers in the case that not all of the 6 crucible places are used and a 1 litre solvent recovery vessel.
Stainless steel AISI 304, extractor, modular construction, easy to use and fast removal for efficient cleaning.
Support and crucible rack, made from hardened glass.

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