Tenderometar TU-12

Tenderometar TU-12

TU-12 Tenderometar je prenosiv i ekonomičan instrument za određivanje zrelosti svežeg graška na terenu.
The system comes calibrated to read out directly in “Tenderometer Units” (TUs) and operates from a 12-volt DC power source, such as an automotive battery.
The tripod legs fully collapse for ease of transport and are adjustable for operation on the back of a vehicle or free standing on the ground. A hard mount kit is also available to secure it directly to a harvester. Durable, rugged and reliable, the TU-12 is designed to withstand harsh use with minimum maintenance. With micro processor control, the systems are easy to operate and almost no training is needed.
Just load the sample and press the “START” button. It’s that easy. The TU-12 completes a test cycle and displays the results in standard Tenderometer Units up to 160 TUs.
System Specification
Stroke speed Pre-set (standard) 30 seconds
Maximum force 160 tenderometer units
Display units Traditional tenderometer units
Power 120AC, 60 Hertz standard
(other optional voltages available)
Dimensions 10” (L) x 10” (W) x 37” (H)
Weight 16kg / 35 lbs
For 40 years, processors worldwide have relied on FTC Tenderometers to determine harvest dates, buy on grade, and position harvesters for the most effective crop yield. With profits at stake a point or two off the standard can be very costly. FTC systems have proven to be the most dependable accurate, and trouble-free ever created for grading pea quality. Accurate readings can save thousands of dollars a day for a medium to large operation, and quickly pay back the initial investment.
Supplied with: TP-12 Texturepress, TG-4E texturegage, FTA-TU Load cell, CS-1-TU Test Cell, Certificate of Calibration and Operators Manual. System comes calibrated with fresh peas for tenderometer use.

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