Gel dokumentacioni sistem WGD20 i WGD20S prenosiv sa kamerom i softverom, Witeg

Gel dokumentacioni sistem WGD20 i WGD20S prenosivi sa kamerom i softverom, Witeg

Ideal for:
DNA, RNA gel imaging capture and analysis

the most cost-effective system
high precise and large caliber optical lens with zoom, focus and iris control
digital CCD camera (resolution 1360×1024, 1.5 m pixel) with portable darkroom10-bit CCD, available for 8-bit grey level image capturing
very compact portable darkroom system for highest flexibility
existing transilluminator can be used
USB 2.0 interface for real-time images and data transfer
power supply via USB
WiseCapture II™ software: easy and fast view, capture and save gel images (included)
TotalLab™ Quant software (WGD-20S): fully automatic, single button press complete image analysis in interesting area
CE certified and unique serial number for tracing

CCD & pixel size1/2' CCD,4,65X4,65 um1/2' CCD,4,65X4,65 um
Lens mount & optical sizeC mount, 7,6x6,2mmC mount, 7,6x6,2mm
Interface & PowerUSB 2,0USB 2,0
Iris & focal lengthF1,0-close, 8-48mmF1,0-close, 8-48mm
Operation temperature-10°C do +50°C-10°C do +50°C
Software capabilityWindows XP, Vista & 7Windows XP, Vista & 7
DNA analysis software includedWiseCapture IIthWiseCapture IIth, TotalLab th Quant
Dimension & weight260x260x430mm, 9 kg260x260x430mm, 9 kg
Packing size400x350x510, 180kg400x350x510, 180kg
Order numberDH.WGD00020DH.WGD00024

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