Portabl oksigenometar

Portabl oksigenometar

Portable digital oxymeter with microprocessor,USB connection to computer, automatic compensation of temperature and barometric pressure, manual compensation of salinity. Large backlight display that shows simultaneously Oxygen (%,ppm/mg/l), temperature and standards used for calibration. “Stability” function, selectable on 3 level (Low-Med-High).Automatic calibration up to 2 points (0%-100% Oxygen).
GLP with time and date of last calibration, “CAL TIMER” function to set the frequency of calibration. Data logger manual or automatic with memory/recall up to 500 data. Automatic countdown for polarisation of the probe. “Self-diagnosis” messages. Waterproof IP57. 5 years warranty on electronic part.
Range of Measurement: ppm-mg/l O2: 0,00…19,99 / 20,0…50,0; % saturation: 0,0…199,9 / 200…400; barometric pressure: 0…1100 mbar; temperature°C: 0,0…60,0.
Oxy 70 Complete with optical sensor Oxygen OXY LDO70/2MT maintenance-free with temperature probe integrated, 2 mt cable, Standard zero (0) Oxygen, software DataLink 70, USB cable, carrying case.

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